Spotlight on Strategy #2

To get the Spotlight on Strategy series underway, I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at a few terms.  Gives us chance to warm-up a little and get in the strategy zone.

Top Terms

Strategy: is a flexible, dynamic process enabling us to decide on a set of strategic choices which help us achieve our vision of the future; whatever that time frame may be.  It is an essential element of business and careers that helps organisations and individuals:

  • evolve, adapt and become sustainably successful
  • save time and costs by making better use of resources
  • appreciate emerging possibilities
  • become aware of potential threats
  • embrace uncertainty and change

A strategy or a strategic plan:  an explanation of our future vision, the strategic choices we have made and how we are going to achieve that future vision.

Strategic thinking:  our ability to look to the future and think creatively about the potential development of ourselves, an organisation or a situation.

Beyond Day-To-Day

Creating a future vision and strategy for ourselves and organisations is similar.  It’s about looking beyond the day-to-day noise and activity and making decisions about where we would like to be at a future point in time and the routes we’re going to take to get there.

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