The Art of Talking to Strangers

Picture the scene. You are at a conference. You want to be there; you want to learn, yet... ... the thought of talking to strangers brings you out in a cold sweat. Maybe it's the way you're feeling on that particular day. Maybe it's the normal way of things for you. You wait at the... Continue Reading →

Instagram and Me

I had never considered myself as an Instagram-type person.  Whatever that is?!!!  As I'm not glamorous, famous or a celeb, my head said it wasn't for me.  As my head sometimes needs a little bit of extra help, I decided to listen to my heart as well. Jump forward a few weeks and I've joined... Continue Reading →

Networking for Career Success

It was my great pleasure to be part of SEPnet (South East Physics Network) and the Institute of Physics’ recent careers event.  The aim was to help physics doctoral students explore a snapshot of the amazing career opportunities awaiting them post PhD. Covering a spectrum of career paths, the impressive panel of professionals shared their... Continue Reading →

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