Instagram and Me

I had never considered myself as an Instagram-type person.  Whatever that is?!!!  As I’m not glamorous, famous or a celeb, my head said it wasn’t for me.  As my head sometimes needs a little bit of extra help, I decided to listen to my heart as well.

Jump forward a few weeks and I’ve joined the instagram crowd… @careerenergiser

It’s still very new to me.  I have that feeling of excitement mixed with the uncertainty that comes with doing something new.

Now I fully appreciate that I haven’t found the cure for cancer or solved world poverty but making this step is quite a big thing for me.  Why?  Because I’m much happier with face-to-face interaction and the social media thing still feels a bit alien to me even after several years.

What I’ve realised is that there are three things which are overriding this hardwired preference…

Communication:  I believe it’s a great platform for my Innovating Your Career plans
Change:  I have to constantly evolve to stay relevant and connected
Creativity:  It’s a vibrant means of expressing and inspiring my creativity

Like everything, you never really achieve it on your own so my thanks goes to two special people.  My fab friend, Alison Persson, for inspiring me to explore Instagram and my most excellent husband for making sure my head doesn’t ignore my heart 💖

Image courtesy of Monsterkoi on Pixabay

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