The Leader And The Physician

Have you seen the 'Undercover Boss' programmes on television? Though I'm not an avid fan I have watched a few. Why? Because it still fascinates me how individuals can hold senior leadership positions and still be completely dissociated from the people who make the company great. Tearful insights that other people have challenging lives outside... Continue Reading →

You Ready To Rock n Role?

I have been pondering the subject of leadership and role models, and the part they play in innovation and encouraging learning and development. Of all the potential links between role models and innovation, the one that resonates most strongly for me is inspiration; something or someone that stimulates the mind and can foster feelings of... Continue Reading →

DD #12: Spotlight on…

It's a few months since I started showcasing my special Diamond Dozen 2016.  Thank you to one and all for sharing their insights and tips. As I explained at the beginning of the series, leadership is not about hierarchy or status; it's not a role.  Leadership is a mindset.   And, as such, we can... Continue Reading →

Leading Insights. Beccy Says…

...part of the Diamond Dozen 2016 series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr Beccy Bowden, SATRO talks about charity   .  volunteers  .  upcoming talent --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elaine...  If anyone knows about managing scarce resources to deliver impressive results it’s you. What are the most important leadership lessons you have learnt about making a difference on a shoe-string? Beccy...  The... Continue Reading →

Leading Insights. Phil Says…

...part of the Diamond Dozen 2016 series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phil Edwards, Weald Technology talks about collaboration  .  networking  .  purpose --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elaine...  I remember when we first met and you told me about the electric motorcycle.  I’m still as impressed today as I was then by the way.   Developing and commercialising new technology often involves cross-organisational... Continue Reading →

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