Tuning In Together

There are only a few pieces of music I can listen to while I'm writing. The heavy metal and golden oldies from my youth are a serious no-no. They certainly get me motivated... but not to write! I have one particular instrumental collection which makes me feel calm and inspired at the same time. Just... Continue Reading →

Ready To Rock n Role?

When you know in your heart it's time for a change, or change is thrust upon you, it can be role models who are a source of inspiration. Sparking ideas, foster feelings of confidence and encouragement. Fueling self-belief. Stories of challenges overcome, insights into shared experiences, the added human dimension of someone you can relate... Continue Reading →

A Poem About Time

I did something this fine week. It was a first for me. Though probably very obvious; It filled my heart with glee. I doodled a list as usual Of key things one by one. Then next to each main item The time needed to get it done. Now that may seem quite normal And nothing... Continue Reading →

Outsider’s View: Teams and Trust

Working as an independent you soon realise that building and maintaining trust as an 'outsider' is a very special challenge.  Consequently, you have to take your communication and team-working abilities to a whole new level. Assumptions need to take a back seat, instructions must be more explicit, relying on old ways of working is a... Continue Reading →

The Creative Enabler

Leadership: A Mindset For Life Leadership is not about status, hierarchy or boxes on an organisational chart.  It's not the preserve of boardrooms and mega-corporations or the elite few.  It is everywhere. To me leadership is not a role, not a job title, it is a mindset; a way of approaching life both professional and... Continue Reading →

The Leader And The Physician

Have you seen the 'Undercover Boss' programmes on television? Though I'm not an avid fan I have watched a few. Why? Because it still fascinates me how individuals can hold senior leadership positions and still be completely dissociated from the people who make the company great. Tearful insights that other people have challenging lives outside... Continue Reading →

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