DD #12: Spotlight on…

It’s a few months since I started showcasing my special Diamond Dozen 2016.  Thank you to one and all for sharing their insights and tips.

As I explained at the beginning of the series, leadership is not about hierarchy or status; it’s not a role.  Leadership is a mindset.   And, as such, we can all develop it within ourselves and help others develop it too.Creative Enablers

My definition of that mindset is a Creative Enabler.

The Diamond Dozen 2016 are shining real examples of Creative Enablers, combining open-mindedness and people-orientation to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve success in a multitude of environments and situations.

Yet, conspicuous by their absence from the Dozen is number 12.  Who is it?

The answer comes in the form of two questions…

  • Is it you?
  • Could it be you?

Whatever your career aspirations, experience or area of technical expertise, as a scientist or engineer you make a difference to society and the economy every day.  Curiosity and problem-solving abilities are key to maintaining open-mindedness.  Communicating ideas and working successfully in multi-disciplinary teams require high levels of people-orientation.  By the very nature of your career path, skills and experience you are continually developing a leadership mindset.  You already are, or on the road to becoming, a Creative Enabler.

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