Managing Your Mojo Maker

Putting aside any magical connections, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, your mojo is: 'a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy'. All fine and dandy but... ...what happens if you feel like your mojo's a bit off or plain non-existent? The fact you've spotted something's not right is... Continue Reading →

Work, Life and the Happy Hyphen

I've had this subject on my mind for a very long time. Years in fact. I have tried to articulate what I was thinking and what was irking me on several ocassions. Blankness reigned! Then, out of the blue, while pondering on something else, it clicked. With that sort of build up it better be... Continue Reading →

Purpose. Beyond the Worthy Why

Accidentally tuning in to US Power Lunch a few weeks ago, a snazzy new job title blipped on my radar. Chief Purpose Officer. Now that set the old grey matter a-buzzing I can tell you. Putting aside my thoughts on job title scrabble and my opinions on the responsibility for organisational vision, mission and social... Continue Reading →

Eat Your Pudding First

It doesn't matter how forward thinking and open-minded you are, there are always times when you get stuck in a rut or a closed loop. Round and round with an idea. Step by step using a defunct process. Letting negative opinions stick like glue. Rinse, wash, repeat. Having launched my career in manufacturing I know... Continue Reading →

What Picture are You Making?

Your career is a personal thing. When it's all going to plan you can feel focused and optimistic. When major change, planned or otherwise, takes place it can be a whole different matter. As you watch the world through the window of mass and social media. As you observe the apparent success of others and... Continue Reading →

7 Tips to Boost Your Career Agility

Thriving in our dynamic 21st century career landscape is not about having a flashy CV and a list qualifications. It requires adaptability and the willingness to change...even if it hurts for a while. Career agility means you are... open to change and learningmore aware of an responsive to opportunities able to recover more effectively from... Continue Reading →

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