20 Playful Ideas to…

...help give you a positive energy boost. We all need a fresh perspective or a lift from time to time. So here, in no particular order, are a few ideas to help give your a lift by... ... Letting In Fun Today 😁 Idea 1: If you don't already know it, learn your name in... Continue Reading →

When Reality Strikes

When you decide to make changes on your career adventure; to begin writing the next chapter of your professional story, it's all about possibilities and opportunities. Excitement at what might happen and an empowering boost from generating ideas and actions. Quite often, accompanying this newness-high are natural swings in motivation and self-confidence. Maybe it's procrastinating... Continue Reading →

The Past May Not Be What It Seems

There's a strange phenomenon which can happen when you start the next new chapter of your professional story... ... Idealising The Past (ITP) The newness; the skewed notion that you are starting again, can conjure up a whole assortment of mixed emotions. It's natural. You are bound to have a reaction to change. Even if... Continue Reading →

Packing and Unpacking on Your Career Adventure

By my calculation, I've moved 6 times since March 2022. Our re-location adventure, as well as planning, has involved quite a lot of packing... and unpacking! Looking back over the whole experience, it struck me that when you're wanting, planning, considering or executing any form of move, there is always a degree of packing and... Continue Reading →

A Look Inside The Hub

Been updating our Look Inside the Re-energising Your Career Hub video. Loads more career-tastic resources and access to me of course 😁... If it's time to re-energise yourself and/or your career adventure then come and join us at the Re-energising Your Career Hub. It's affordable, impactful and goes wherever your career adventure takes you 😊

306 Posts and Counting

All those years ago, when I started this blog, putting the first words down on paper; typing into the first blank post space, that was the easy part. Pressing that cheeky little 'publish' button... now that got my heart racing and stomach churning! Putting your ideas, thoughts and opinions out into the world; sharing the... Continue Reading →

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