Looking at Your F in Goals

I've been meaning to write a post about long-term personal / career goals for a while. The reason it's not materialised until now is that I wanted to wait until I'd finished doing an experiment on myself. Not as gruesome as it sounds, I promise 😉. For a period of time I temporarily fell out... Continue Reading →

Knitting it Together

It's funny how philosphical you can get when you are methodically de-constructing a bed base and mattress. Or maybe it's just me 😁 As we took them apart and stacked the component parts for disposal; wire, wood, textiles - you get the picture - it re-inforced a recent personal revelation. On their own these bits... Continue Reading →

Facing Career Barriers Together

Recording videos for our new Re-energising Your Career YouTube channel, reminded me of how I see blocks and barriers to my progress. I see them as either: External barriers coming from other people and the big wide world - or - Internal barriers coming from within me and created by yours truly 🙂 The external... Continue Reading →

When the Love Runs Out

If you fall out of love with your career it can be a gradual build of dissatisfaction or, as it was for me, it can crystalise in an instant. Like a bolt from the blue. The events of one day switching me off in an instant. Internally everything changing. Spoiler alert... everything changing for the... Continue Reading →

Letting in the Light

When you've experienced a major unexpected change in your career, it's hardly surprising you can get defensive about it all. All those plans. All that time and investment then... ...boom!!!! Pulling up the shutters, closing off from others may give you temporary breathing space. Staying there ain't so great. Because when you're needing or wanting... Continue Reading →

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