When Reality Strikes

When you decide to make changes on your career adventure; to begin writing the next chapter of your professional story, it’s all about possibilities and opportunities.

Excitement at what might happen and an empowering boost from generating ideas and actions.

Quite often, accompanying this newness-high are natural swings in motivation and self-confidence.

Maybe it’s procrastinating about doing actions you set for yourself.

Maybe it’s doubting yourself or the choices you’re making.

Talking yourself out of change; convincing yourself it was just a flight of fancy, is possibly easier at this stage because, let’s face it…

…dreams aren’t real and words aren’t actions.

Imagine though that you’ve made it through this stage.

Your plans are coming together.

Your aspiration has now become a reality.

Hurray 🥳. Yippee 😁. High-five 🖐.

What about the swings in motivation and self-confidence which can appear…

… when your ideas become a reality.

…when you realise your change is for real.

As natural as this is, it doesn’t stop it being any less unnerving.

Wobbles at this stage; questioning yourself and your motives are all part of the newness.

After all, everyday routines and reference points have changed. As well as the differences you expected, wanted and hoped would happen.

If you find yourself feeling this way or not feeling as energised by changes as you thought, here are 3 ideas to help you along your way…

  1. I’m sure you had reasons why you wanted to make the changes you’ve made. Remember them and create something memorable and accessible to capture them. Then you can use these as a boost if you need it.
  2. Even at the beginning of your career adventure, you’ve experienced change before. Think back on what you did last time. What helped you through? Create your own special ‘newness-support-kit’ to help you if things get a bit tough.
  3. Your perspective can get skewed when you’re in the midst of change and newness is everywhere. Feeling overwhelmed or over-stimulated can be responsible for this distortion. Factor in some fun time when you can let yourself go. Call it your ‘five-minute fun fest’ and do it as often as you can.

Newness and change are part of your career adventure’s DNA. And sometimes it’s easier to move forward than others.

The temporary challenges you face are not reasons to stay stuck or dissatisfied, they are part of your ever-evolving story.

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