20 Playful Ideas to…

…help give you a positive energy boost.

We all need a fresh perspective or a lift from time to time.

So here, in no particular order, are a few ideas to help give your a lift by…

Letting In Fun Today 😁

Idea 1: If you don’t already know it, learn your name in sign language.

Idea 2: Teach yourself a magic trick.

Idea 3: Wear odd socks all week.

Idea 4: Take a new route to work… even if you work from home.

Idea 5: Read a magazine on a random subject.

Idea 6: Dance (sitting or standing) to your favourite tune just because you can.

Idea 7: Smile at yourself in the mirror and say hello. Do it everyday.

Idea 8: Eat your favourite food at an unusual time.

Idea 9: Write a poem about your job. It doesn’t have to rhyme.

Idea 10: Write a limerick about someone you admire.

Idea 11: Make a model of your ideal workplace.

Idea 12: Play a tune using any household object(s).

Idea 13: Every time you’re about to use the word ‘but’, replace it with ‘and’ instead.

Idea 14: Watch a film or programme clip with the sound off and make up the dialogue.

Idea 15: Put aside 3 minutes per day to write down a positive aspect of that day.

Idea 16: Grow something from seed and nurture it.

Idea 17: Make a 30-second video telling yourself how brilliant you are.

Idea 18: Pick one of your favourite things then find out how it’s made / created.

Idea 19: Take a picture every day for a week to create a mini visual diary.

Idea 20: Send yourself a card to say thank you for being you. Include your whats and whys.

And remember…

… fun is not frivolous; play is not pointless.

The pressure release and freshness they bring can give you a well-needed positive energy boost.


…lead to other interesting ideas and opportunities to explore.

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