Your Secret Ingredient

What is your secret ingredient? What is it you bring to the value mix for employers or clients? Losing sight of the value you create for others can happen when you are on the verge of a career transition or at a career crossroads. Especially after a break, when it's time to get back to... Continue Reading →

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

As well as being the title of the iconic track by The Clash, ‘should I stay or should I go?’ is a career question you may be asking yourself as we approach the end of 2020. Mix together global events with the natural reflective feeling that often appears towards the end of a year, it’s... Continue Reading →

The Smell of Success

Aaah, the smell of success. This phrase has been rattling round in my brain for a few weeks. It all began on one of those chilled weekend days when rain ‘stopped play’ and my attention turned to the seeds we’d been collecting from the garden. The smell of the fennel was so warming and comforting.... Continue Reading →

What is a Career?

If you are experiencing turbulence in your career, it can be unsettling and frustrating. Especially when decisive and pro-active are your normal ways of operating. At times like these, it never ceases to amaze me how stripping things back to basics can have a powerful releasing and empowering effect. Thanks to the fresh perspectives and... Continue Reading →

Be Your Career Angel

The economic impact of the global pandemic continues to unfold. Career choices are being changed by design or by necessity. If you take a new, possibly more junior, unrelated job to address immediate financial needs, what does that mean for your career? If you have to retrace old ground to relaunch and reinvent what does... Continue Reading →

Is Loyalty Holding You Back?

Been thinking about loyalty. Sparked by recent events and comments made by Jeremy Gutsche in one of his TrendHunter webinars. Loyalty to friends and families; to fellow team members is to be valued. It is part of what makes relationships stronger. Commitment to a company or a career path is what helps you gain momentum... Continue Reading →

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