Your Secret Ingredient

What is your secret ingredient?

What is it you bring to the value mix for employers or clients?

Losing sight of the value you create for others can happen when you are on the verge of a career transition or at a career crossroads.

Especially after a break, when it’s time to get back to reality.

It is of course only natural and most definitely fixable.

Oh yeah 😁

Here is a simple 6 step way to start moving forward…

Step 1. Firstly, stop. Put that mobile device away

Step 2. If walking helps you think go for a walk. If reflecting while sitting is your thing then do that. Whatever works for you

Step 3. Actively recall the projects, roles, clients, times in your career which you particularly enjoyed

Step 4. Now, ask yourself why you enjoyed them; what did the situation and the people bring that made you value it? What were the secret ingredients that made it special to you?

Step 5. Next ask yourself, what you brought to the mix? What were the special ingredients you brought to make it a valuable experience for yourself and others?

Step 6. Capture your thought and reflect on your findings. You never know what insights and ideas may appear

If you would like to share your ideas and insights, why not drop me a line to arrange an informal chat. You never know where it might lead 🙂

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