The Smell of Success

Aaah, the smell of success.

This phrase has been rattling round in my brain for a few weeks.

It all began on one of those chilled weekend days when rain ‘stopped play’ and my attention turned to the seeds we’d been collecting from the garden.

The smell of the fennel was so warming and comforting. The smell of the coriander so zesty and uplifting. And as to the lavender…

It was while I was putting them into their corresponding envelopes that the smell of success phrase popped into my head.

Career goals, business targets are common terms in your professional life. Clinical and emotionless. Sometimes motivational; sometimes not.

Success is such a complex, personal issue that distilling aspirations and desired outcomes into clinical, bland statements alone might not be enough for you.

So rather than using the traditional way alone, why not add in an extra layer or two? Why not engage all five senses in your success mix as well?

Here are a few questions and examples to help you get started…

Sight – what does success look like to you? Size of your bank balance; people you’ve helped?

Sound – what are your sounds of success? Roar of an engine; sound of the sea?

Touch – what is tactile about your success? Feel of your clothes; kindness of friends?

Taste – what does success taste like for you? Celebratory cake; glass of something fizzy?

Smell – what does success smell like for you? Scent of a perfume; aroma of far off places?

Creating a richer picture of what success means to you enables you to connect with it on different levels depending on how you feel or what your thinking is like on any particular day.

Maybe today the facts and figures are enough. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be the smell of your log fire that hits the spot.

I’ve started creating my richer success picture. Why don’t you have a go too?

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