Getting Out of Career Limbo

For many people it feels like their career plans and aspirations have been put into a giant paper bag and shaken. Leaving lots of bright, successful switched-on professionals stuck, lost and not sure of what's next. With questions like… should I / can I do something different? Can I / do I stay with what... Continue Reading →

Guest Voices Galore

This week is guest week...and I'm very excited. Starting on Tuesday, four guest blogs over four days sharing insights into imagination, personal branding plus thriving and exploring in uncertainty. You'll be hearing from... Mark Vaesen [ read Mark's post here... ]Dr Julie Reeves [ read Julie's post here... ]Daisy Shearer [ read Daisy's post here...... Continue Reading →

Why Pivot Your Career?

So I keep going on about this career pivot malarkey but what do I mean and why should you bother? After all sticking with the path you know seems safe and risk-free. Lovely and safe; warm and reassuring. Or is it?! First, let's recap on what I mean by a career pivot. A career pivot... Continue Reading →

Harness Your Pivot Energy

Although everyone’s career pivot is unique to them, one aspect all pivots have in common is the special energy they have associated with them. They mix the excitement of something new with trepidation of stepping into the unknown. It's the power of possibility. The power of potential. In her book Playing Big, Tara Mohr shares... Continue Reading →

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