Harness Your Pivot Energy

Although everyone’s career pivot is unique to them, one aspect all pivots have in common is the special energy they have associated with them.

They mix the excitement of something new with trepidation of stepping into the unknown.

It’s the power of possibility. The power of potential.

In her book Playing Big, Tara Mohr shares two different words for fear, pachad and yirah.

Pachad is the fear which builds thanks to over-emphasising worst case scenarios; of imaging everything negative. It’s our irrational fear.

Yirah on the other hand is the feeling you get when you ‘inhabit a larger space than we are used to’. When you feel like you are ‘in possession of more energy that you’ve had before’. That’s pivot energy!

Top Energy Tip
Don’t waste your pivot energy with inaction because you’re mistaking it for irrational fear. Take a moment to check in with your logical self.

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