Why Pivot Your Career?

So I keep going on about this career pivot malarkey but what do I mean and why should you bother? After all sticking with the path you know seems safe and risk-free. Lovely and safe; warm and reassuring. Or is it?!

First, let’s recap on what I mean by a career pivot.

A career pivot is the active shifting of your career into new, unexplored territory.

It might be that you want to move into a new industry, new profession, new business venture… the list goes on. Your reasons can be as varied as your aims and trigger points.

But why bother moving and changing?

Career Pivot. So What?!

Embracing Your Ever-evolving Future

We have all been affected by rapid global change. The long-term impact is unknown. The social and economic change it has sparked has, and will continue to create, a new career landscape.

For many, career paths and aspirations will and have changed forever. Maybe it’s by design; maybe necessity.

Whatever your situation, being flexible; able to adapt and evolve is how to find and create career opportunities. It’s how you deal with uncertainty and respond to change.

Jobs really don’t have to be for life anymore. Portfolio careers; side hustles (more on that to come in another post) are continually becoming more commonplace. People will continue to fill and create roles which didn’t exist a year ago. The workplace will keep evolving. New businesses will continue to appear.

Pivoting into new territory helps you find and create opportunities using your skills, enthusiasm and experience. These opportunities just may not be where you’ve always looked or in your not so-safe-and-fluffy comfort zone.

Lifelong Learning

According to author, Thomas L Friedman, the gap between accelerating technological advancement and human adaptability was already getting wider. Add in recent events and…

Closing the gap; keeping your perspective fresh and your mind agile are key and, of course, require a bit of personal investment. Lifelong learning fuels your ability to pivot; pivoting fuels your ability and desire to learn.

The learning, adaptability and personal growth which accompany a career pivot, enhances your ability to navigate uncertainty and boosts your career confidence to a whole new level.


And finally, remember…

…career paths are rarely straight lines. Saddle up, pivot and enjoy the ride!

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