Getting Out of Career Limbo

For many people it feels like their career plans and aspirations have been put into a giant paper bag and shaken. Leaving lots of bright, successful switched-on professionals stuck, lost and not sure of what’s next.

With questions like… should I / can I do something different? Can I / do I stay with what I know?… circling and competing; no wonder you’re feeling stuck and frustrated.

Plus, unexpected change can ignite an annoying battle between logic and your emotions. Yes, mine was pretty bloody for a few weeks at the start of lockdown.

Yet despite the vortex of confusion you may find yourself in, there are always ways forward.

Especially if you take a step back and think of your situation as having five general stages. Each one having a different vibe, purpose and mindset.

Exploring the Five Stages

Stage One: Forget the ‘how’

Being hampered by the how is what keeps most people stuck and unable to move forward. Of course you don’t exactly know how. You’re not at that stage yet. And that’s absolutely fine and dandy.

Stage Two: Commit to opening your mind to possibilities

When you’re feeling angry at a loss or your career confidence has been knocked it’s easy to shut down or see the world with a negative tinge.

Taking a pragmatic view from the brighter side is what helps you to move forward. Even if it’s not your natural, normal take on life. Practice can do wonders for your outlook.

And it’s Stages One and Two which inspired me to create my Career Crossroads Masterclass. There is more info at the end of the article.

Stage Three: Take a look at the ‘why, who and what’ of your career

Aspirations aren’t dead they are being redefined. What do you want? Where would you like to be in the future? Letting go of old measures of success is also part of this mix. Who are you and what do you really want?

Forget comparing with others too as ‘my Dad’s bigger than your dad’ comparisons are life-force-sucking. And my Dad’s 6 foot 4 inches!

Stage Four: Now it’s time for the ‘how’

Use your new open-minded perspective and your insights and aspirations to create the ‘how’. Yes, it’s now time to roll up your sleeves and get close and personal with your how.

Goals, action plans all come into play. This is where you start turning your ideas into reality.

Stage Five: Keep evolving, re-grouping and learning

Checking in with your measures of success; what the world needs; what you need. Opportunities are everywhere and you can change on your terms whenever you want.

Forget waiting, be proactive and actively avoid falling into a not-so-safe career comfort zone.

Career limbo affects everyone at some time or other and as a professional you can find a way if you use the 5 general stages as a guide.

And remember…

…moving forward with your career; moving into new career territory is not about throwing away what’s gone before. It’s about writing a new chapter in your career story. One where you will achieve your new definition of career success.

PS: Career Crossroads Masterclass

If you are stuck and feeling in career limbo, my new Career Crossroads Masterclass on 30 Sept 2020 is designed for you. You’ll harness the power of creative thinking techniques to help you turn career challenge into opportunity and build your agile Career Adventurer’s mindset.

Book now to take advantage of the special offer price of £9.99.

**NEW** Career Crossroads Masterclass on 30 September at 2pm BST. Turn career challenge into opportunity. Stop feeling stuck or lost. Career Crossroads is an upbeat, practical creative thinking virtual masterclass with me on Zoom.

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