Tuning In Together

There are only a few pieces of music I can listen to while I’m writing.

The heavy metal and golden oldies from my youth are a serious no-no. They certainly get me motivated… but not to write!

I have one particular instrumental collection which makes me feel calm and inspired at the same time. Just the right atmosphere for turning thoughts and ideas into something remotely coherent.

This got me thinking. Strangely, about group dynamics, communities and the power of the team.

The music we make:  Throwing together a few notes and a few instruments and seeing what happens doesn’t really lend itself to making sweet music. Even in improvisation sessions, the musicians know their craft and are aiming to create something musical. 

When clusters of people come together formally or informally, those with a common purpose, who see how their roles add value and have the ability to adapt are much more likely to perform well together.

Why? Because they develop trust in themselves and each other. With that they can achieve just about anything.

Facing the ‘off’ notes:  Like any orchestra there are times when things go a little off key.  It may be the odd note here or there or it may be a whole section.  Being aware of any changes and being prepared to deal with them is what makes the positive difference. 

Why? Because ignoring warning signs or hoping everything will go back to normal doesn’t help anyone. 

Listening out for the off notes and facing them head on reduces misunderstandings and builds those all important relationships.

There’s nothing like being part of a tuneful team or community.  It’s uplifting, empowering and inspiring.  When you’re part of it, it’s amazing and you certainly miss it when it’s gone.

header image by Gordon Johnson on Pixabay

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