A Poem About Time

I did something this fine week.
It was a first for me.
Though probably very obvious;
It filled my heart with glee.

I doodled a list as usual
Of key things one by one.
Then next to each main item
The time needed to get it done.

Now that may seem quite normal
And nothing to proclaim.
But for once I made a decision
Not to play the same old game.

Instead of being real gung-ho
With everything I’d get done,
I increased the time allocation
For each and every one.

The result has been quite marvellous.
It really took me aback.
I got things done with time to spare;
Enough so I could kick back.

Yes, the benefits genuinely shocked me.
And made me chuckle too.
Cos as well feeling most efficient
I could write this ditty for you.

So take care everybody
Wherever you may be.
Give yourself some extra slack
And the benefits you will see.

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