Poem: Thoughts on Doing Your Best

Doing your best on one day
Can be different from the next.
What worked for you on Monday,
On Wednesday leaves you perplexed.

Changes in locale; in resources
And how you feel that day,
Combined with others’ reactions
Can all come in to play.

Doing your best is not some
Perfection-driven quest.
It’s not about competitions
Or passing a special test.

The essence of ‘best’ is knowing
That flexibility is the key.
Plus realistic expectations
Can truly set you free.

So next time you start a-judging
The standard of your ‘best’
Be honest about your achievement;
How much you have progressed.

And if you feel it’s not enough,
Be logical and be true.
With all the factors in play today
Was it the best that you could do?

Although the ‘do your best’ mantra
Can be emotive and tricky for some,
Try adopting kind and flexible
As your stance for what’s to come.

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