Career Pivot Points

Career pivots happen when you decided you want to move into new, unknown territory. What this means to you is special to you.

All career pivots, though, have a special energy associated with them. They mix the excitement of something new with trepidation from stepping into the unknown. It’s the power of possibility.

Six examples of common pivot points (and combinations of course) are…

Pain: Your role, organisation, industry or business venture is no longer viable. It’s time to shift

Pleasure: You love change and are constantly looking for a new challenge. It’s time to get your fix

Progression: You’re not moving forward or up in the way you hoped. It’s time to progress.

Purpose: What mattered to you several years ago has changed; you need more. It’s time to evolve

Perspective: Your outlook on your life and career has changed. It’s time to do something different

Profit: You’ve got business ideas and want to make money on your own terms. It’s time to leap

Whatever your reasons and personal drivers for change, today is a great day to get pivoting.

I’m always happy to discuss your career aspirations.  My free 15-minute discovery call is a great way to get the conversation started

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