STUPID Leader?

I’ve worked with many people over the years and I know, at times, I’ve been far from what you’d call a flawless leader.  In fact, there are a few instances that make me cringe.  Oh, for an H.G.Wells time machine!

Despite experience, our better judgement and plenty of empathy we all have our bad days.  The key thing to remember is don’t be a STUPID leader…


Having a wobble on one part can happen to anyone at any time.  After all, we’re only human.  The real Molotov Cocktail for your team is if you exhibit every STUPID element at once.

This isn’t about striving to perfect though.  After all, that can be counter-productive. In the words of Jo Owen in his book ‘Leadership Rules‘, it’s about striving to be “the best of who we are”.

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