#N4L: Emma W Says…

-part of the N4L Series; celebrating Learning at Work Week-

It’s my great pleasure to introduce Emma Wakefield…

About Emma

I am an Apprentice Business Administrator in the Business Development Team for Transport and Infrastructure at WSP, completing my Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration.

Emma on LinkedIn

What networked for learning means to me

Personally, I believe the network of connections I have built over the past 2½ years with WSP has allowed me to progress significantly in my role.  I am inspired by others daily and have received valuable advice from both early and experienced career professionals.

My day to day responsibilities include management of bid portals, monitoring current prospects, distribution of new bid opportunities, CV formatting and reviews.

I have recently undertaken the role of Business World Lead.  This is a project database which enables the business to keep track of prospects being pursued.  Through this new responsibility, I have built a great network of contacts, using Skype for Business to resolve issues efficiently.  This role also requires me to liaise with senior management on a regular basis, to get approval and sign off for high level prospects.

I work within the Business Development team for the Transport and Infrastructure discipline.  We are supportive of one another, working closely to share ideas, thoughts and opinions on various topics.  Meeting quarterly has enabled me to travel and build a good rapport with my team, knowing who to approach for different matters.  They also understand my capabilities and what I can do to support them.  We are always rewarded with a great lunch!

Over the past few years the rise in social media and new digital platforms such as Skype for Business has provided fantastic opportunities to network and share ideas.  This is especially beneficial for the younger generation who are passionate and keen to explore new opportunities.  WSP has a profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all of which provide exciting updates, varying from cake sales to conferences.  Globally, new digital platforms provide opportunities for apprentices, graduates and many like-minded individuals to share thoughts and concepts.

My personal learning insights

Grasp every opportunity, even if it scares you!

In May 2017 I received an email from Nescot College suggesting I apply for a Satro STEMX Award.  At first I was uncertain, but after a discussion with my manager, I took the decision to submit an entry.  I was happy with my submission and looked forward to the awards night.

To my delight, I won the Satro STEMX Apprentice Achievement Award!  I consider this to be my greatest achievement so far within my career at WSP.

Professionally, I always doubted myself.  However, as a result of winning the award, I was invited to be part of a photoshoot for our internal magazine ‘Exchange’, which is released quarterly.  This not only boosted my confidence but my profile within the company, giving me the opportunity to meet new people.  Since winning, I have learnt to be confident in my abilities and grasp every opportunity!

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