#N4L: Alec S Says…

-part of the N4L Series; celebrating Learning at Work Week-

It’s my great pleasure to introduce Alec Sanderson…

About Alec

I am a business techie in the field of software, I sit on a number of boards and consult around getting it right

Alec on LinkedIn

What networked for learning means to me

Vibe!  In one word.  And expanded it means to me the subtle intonations of the business and technology world; what people are talking about and how it affects them.  Even how they are talking about it.

Especially in the world of technology where the scene is changing daily.  No-one knows it all and can even come close so putting all those conversations together can sometimes mean something.  What to take a closer look at and what to ignore.

Every time I meet someone, something new pops into my head, a new idea or a new connection.  Not all sink in and very few actually persist but the important thing is that some do.

I see my life as a walk in the countryside with a few paths but I can go anywhere I like – listening to others often shows me the peak that needs to be climbed or the river that I mustn’t miss and sometimes the bog that I need to avoid!  So learning is part of what I find exciting.

My personal learning insights

I attended a leadership course last year.  I have been a “leader” for many years now but I like seeing what’s new.

One thing I learned was not to try to deal with personal weaknesses.  Sure, know what they are but if you care, you tend to focus on addressing those but ignoring what you want to do and can do well.  This has helped with my walk in the countryside – steering me towards what I want to do rather than fixing some things I thought needed fixing.

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