Embracing Randomness

My husband accidentally bought me a book.

Last week, while on a video conference, one participant later confessed to the unexpected appearance of the radiator repair guy while we were on the call.

While filming my test videos for Innovating Your Career I noticed a really distracting creaking noise on the audio.  Further investigation identified it as my underwear!

Why am I telling you all this?

Firstly, all these experiences made me chuckle.

Secondly, they all made me think about the sometimes randomness of life.  And that it can often lead to different insights and progress.

Thirdly, it caused me to reflect on one of my own personality challenges; the tendency to over-prepare.  The reality is, no matter how hard we plan; how hard we try to exert control there are times when things don’t quite go as expected.

The outcome of the above experiences?

The Book:  I’m looking forward to reading Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterley

The Video Conference:  The person in question was so professional we didn’t realise they had an unexpected visitor.

The Test Videos:  Identifying the creaking while making the test videos saved so much time later.  Plus it confirmed what a top quality microphone I had.

Random events can be annoying and frustrating yet they can also lead to new learning and better results.  I wonder what today may bring?

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