The Power of The Flash

I do like the BBC’s series, Good Morning Dagenham.  More specifically, the people who appear in it.  Regular traders and those sharing their next big thing.  All of them putting themselves out there for customers to find them and sample their wares.

Everyone has different products and pitches but at the heart of what they do it’s the customer.  With good humour, a bit of banter and lots of enthusiasm for what they’re selling, they entice new ones and recognise those who keep coming back for more.

Of all the tips they shared along the way, it was the one called The Flash which made me think and smile to myself.

The Flash: the creation of an eye-catching, attention-grabbing stall front which sparks peoples’ interest and encourages them to explore further…

And why is this so important in a busy, crowded market?

Because… the best Flash gets the most cash!!

Putting your best side out when it really matters; showcasing yourself well, are important when you’re on your career adventure.

Style and Substance

Remember though, it’s not about style over substance.  You have to be able to follow through.  Attracting attention and getting people interested can’t be wasted; otherwise what’s the point of doing it in the first place.  Plus letting people down when you have only just made a connection can be very damaging to your reputation.  You don’t have anything in the ‘trust bank’ and people can feel duped.

Proud Not Pompous

The Flash is not about pretending to be someone else.  It’s about being your best true self; maybe with the ‘volume’ turned up a little bit.  Humility and humbleness are important traits but not to extreme.  Blending in too much; not being proud of what you have achieved, may mean you miss out on interesting, rewarding opportunities.

Putting yourself out there for your career is positive when style and substance are working together.  Showcasing yourself is not showing off.

I know this isn’t easy or comfortable for many people.  How do I know this?  Well, apart from the many conversations I’ve had with others, I often find it a challenge myself.  Phrases like “I’m only” or “Yes, but I haven’t done” have haunted me for my whole career.  I deal with it by having a positive outlook, using plenty of tenacity and talking to people I trust; meaning I’m able to keep working on my Flash.  Even though I have to take a few really deep breaths sometimes 🙂

Top Tips

So if you need help with your Flash, here are a few top tips…


FLAVOUR:  Give a flavour, a taste, an insight into what you have to offer.  No theses or novellas are needed…or wanted.

LINKED:  Think about what you are trying to achieve and what others are looking for.  Create a narrative which connects them.

AUTHENTIC:  Be your best and true self.  Don’t pretend to be someone else.  It is difficult to maintain and can be very stressful.

SUBSTANCE:  Showcasing yourself needs to be based on elements of truth, fact and evidence.  Being able to deliver on what you promise or demonstrating you’re capable of achieving something brings real power to your Flash.

HUMAN:  No matter which way you look at it, people are at the heart of your Flash.  Connecting, engaging and communicating with real human beings is what it’s all about.  Keep the jargon at bay and imagine what it looks like from the perspective of others.

It’s definitely worth taking time to work on your Flash because it will ultimately lead to the cash… or whatever success means to you on your personal career adventure.

Image by Alexas Fotos on Pixabay

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