Celebrating Learning 2019

— introducing the Researchers Shaping The Future Series —

Here in the UK, May heralds the arrival of Learning at Work Week; this time from 13 to 19 May.  Each year I do something to celebrate.  Well, I do love learning after all 🙂

As soon as I heard that this year’s theme was ‘Shaping The Future’, I knew what I was going to do…

…a blog series entitled Researchers Shaping The Future featuring doctoral researchers from different fields at different career stages.

My reasons?

Of all the people I know who are truly helping shape the future its doctoral researchers.  Bright enquiring minds who ask questions which go beyond the obvious; with the tenacity to thrive with complexity and see new ways to move forward.

It is, therefore, my pleasure to be showcasing, during Learning at Work Week, seven shining examples of researchers making a difference…

  • Dr Marco Sacchi
  • Daisy Shearer
  • Kaspar Snashall
  • Giulia Pepe
  • Cameron Underwood
  • Sarah-Jane Stewart
  • Amy MacLatchy

Getting us started will be Marco, a Royal Society University Research Fellow, sharing a top level view of the impact and importance of research.  Then we’ll hear from six doctoral students, Daisy, Kaspar, Giulia, Cameron, Sarah-Jane and Amy, sharing insights into their research and their motivation.

Seven interesting blog posts from seven fab researchers.

They all inspired me.  I know they’ll inspire you too.

Watch this space!


Header image by InspiredImages on Pixabay

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