Valuing Your Treasures

I’ve had the privilege of working with two more cross-disciplinary groups of talented STEM doctoral researchers on my Shaping The Future Together programme.  They were an inspiration.

What was reinforced to me yet again was just how important ‘appreciating what you have’ is in the good old career and professional development mix.

Any strategist worth their fees will tell you, decide where you want to go, look where you are now then work out how you might get from A to B.  The same applies to your career and your professional development but at an even deeper level when it comes to the ‘now’.

Recognising your own worth; appreciating what valuable treasures you have in your personal skills/capabilities treasure chest is challenging for many people.  Even more so when you’re at key transition points such as at the beginning of your career or when changing path.

It’s easy to constantly look for what you haven’t got; to dismiss everyday experiences as nothing.  Lack of connection with what you already have can also influence how you see the future and how you view your ability to evolve.

The importance of the ‘now’ is what inspired the Discover element of my Innovating Your Career e-course.  It’s what influenced the structure and developmental flow of the Shaping Your Future Together programme.

To start valuing and appreciating the treasures in your treasure chest…

  1. Capture your stories, personal and professional.  Things you enjoyed doing, are proud of or were challenging and you found a solution or…
  2. Look back and think honestly about the skills you are demonstrating.  De-personalise it by imaging you are interpreting someone else’s stories.  What would you say to them about the skills being demonstrated?  Alternatively, ask someone you trust who’s impartial and supportive

Recognising and valuing your treasures is a lifelong endeavour.  It’s rewarding, motivational and provides you with a powerful springboard to each new phase of your career adventure.

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