An Ode For 2020

I ended last year with a rhyme
Which helped us to reflect.
This one for the new year
Is to help with what comes next.

Reflection sparks much good intent
Is surely is a fact.
What I’ll be sharing shortly
Is a way to start; to ACT.

Re-energising your career
Can seem like a big old ask
Here’s how to get things going
So it won’t feel such a task.

Starting with Awareness
Think what may seem awry.
Then Commit to making changes
It helps plans live and fly.

Now allocate a Time pot
For all your cunning plans
Because nothing happens by magic
It’s really in your hands.

Bringing these three together;
Awareness, Commitment and Time
Will help you to move forward
With your aims and dreams combined.

Enjoy your career energising.
It’s always so worthwhile.
With ACT as part of your toolkit
You’ll do it with substance and style.

Good luck with all your career adventures 😉

PS:  If you’d like a few more tips, please take a moment to check out my popular and informative free-to-download e-guide, A to Z of Re-energising Your Career.

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