Teen Spirit Rewind

Once upon a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth…

… I was in my teens. Well, maybe not that long ago but it’s long enough.

Over recent months, I have found myself naturally, and through circumstance, re-finding, what I can only describe as my teen spirit.

No, I’m not going back to being a goth. Aaah, the memories! I mean I’ve been experiencing that bubbling feeling of rebellion combined with the energy which comes with change.

Now I know there are many clever souls out in the big wide world who’d be able to explain the ins and outs. Linking it to local and global events; pointing to personal preferences. That’s not the reason for me writing about it.

And there is a reason.

Company culture, organisational processes, government edicts can take away your individuality and your rebellious streak.

Being part of something greater than yourself is good and has many benefits. As long as you continue to challenge the status quo. Questioning and adapting as the world around you evolves.

But how do you do that if it’s not comfortable for you? How do you create some teen spirit energy?

Well as luck would have it, here’s a little something for you to try…

Teen Spirit Activity

  1. Grab a piece of blank paper and a pen / pencil
  2. Think about your career, organisation, challenge or whatever it is you’d personally like to change
  3. Now imagine you are going on a march
  4. With what you thought about in step 2 in your mind, ask yourself the following questions and capture your answers
    • What do you believe in?
    • What are you proud of?
    • What are you fighting against?
    • What really annoys you?
    • What are you fighting for?
  5. Write as quickly as you can without overthinking. Don’t censor yourself. Don’t analyse as you go
  6. When you can’t think of anything else look back at what you’ve written, what insights have you gained; how do you feel about the different aspects you’ve noted down?

Extra energy: Making an actual banner for your imaginary march which captures the essence of what you’ve found is a fun way to extend and embed the activity. Doesn’t have to be life size though; A4 will do

Energy and Enthusiasm

Identifying what matters to you, what you care about, what annoys you can generate much more enthusiasm and energy than, for example, ‘my career is pants’ or ‘my organisation sucks’.

It can embolden and empower you to have tricky conversations, to challenge the status quo. Harnessing and using this energy is where the real action happens. So don’t waste it 😉

Whatever is round the corner I reckon re-finding your teen spirit is an uplifting way to break through barriers and create a brave new world.

Now, I wonder if I’ve still got that black rubber vest!

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