Making a Value Match

Let me tell you the tale of the tea-making vacuum cleaner.

Once upon a time in the midst of my corporate career I was on one of my career pivot missions. Wanting to transition into new executive-level territory.

Talking with a recruiter, they explained, ‘It’s all very well being able to do all that but who really wants a vacuum cleaner that can make tea.”

My inner voice became very sweary and silently told them to go forth and multiply. My professional outer voice said, “Thank you for the feedback.”

Much has happened since then and on reflection they had a point. Even if their delivery might have been a bit off.

Career opportunities happen when there is value matching taking place.

That sweet spot where what you bring helps others meet their needs and achieve their goals.

At the time, all those years ago, being given greater insight instead of a random analogy might have been helpful. Though I could have taken the initiative and asked for more assistance instead of shutting down. You live and learn 🙂

In honour of my missed professional development opportunity, I thought I’d share 3 tips of my own…

Tip 1: Not stating the obvious, you’re not the only one involved in your career. Help others get to know you better by thinking about what they need and want. Then share stories which demonstrate how you will add value for them.

Tip 2: Take time to describe what career pivot success looks like to you at a given time in the future. Understanding what you’re aiming for can help others buy into your plans and is a great way to start value-based career conversations.

Tip 3: No matter how negative or off-balance feedback might be, think of it as data and try not to take it personally. There may be a hidden gem in there or an opportunity to grow.

I’m off to make a cuppa. Kettle not vacuum cleaner…this time anyway.

And if you need help with your career pivot please get in touch. Be great to hear from you.

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