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Creatively Together®

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In a changing global climate working more effectively and creatively together brings personal and commercial rewards.  With a background in product and business development, Creatively Together® is inspired by my real-life experience of innovation and team-working.

A series of learning experiences designed to help..

► multi-functional and multidisciplinary teams develop and apply creative, innovative and collaborative skills; increasing engagement and impact

► businesses look beyond the status quo and enable people to work more effectively and more creatively; delivering value and progress

Delivered as a Masterclass or Workshop

Following a session, participants will…

  • Be able to innovate and collaborate more effectively
  • Have practical tools for boosting creative thinking and aiding teamwork
  • Be able to apply and inspire a more creative approach
  • Gain insights into the far-reaching importance of creativity
  • Have invested in creative thinking and collaborative skills

Designed for 8 to 20 participants 

Approx duration:  Masterclass – 2 hours  |  Workshop – 4.5 hours

Bespoke Sessions

Using the Creatively Together® approach, teams learn and apply the specially selected tools and techniques to work on and/or identify business / team challenges.

Examples of bespoke sessions include…

  • multi-stakeholder strategy development
  • team-building prior to 5-year planning
  • investing in multinational business partners

“Elaine was my first choice for the design and delivery of a creativity workshop.  I wanted something impactful and different and know Elaine’s results-driven approach and fresh perspective complements our own philosophy for training and skills development”.

Getting in Touch:  I’m always happy to discuss your requirements or explore bespoke options.  Drop me a line and we can get the conversation started.

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