Your Career

Firstly, there are 4 things to remember…

  1. It is your unique professional story
  2. It’s a career – NOT job – NOT careers
  3. Change is constant. It’s the pace which varies
  4. The world is ever-evolving so be agile and evolve too

Your Unique Story

Your career is the dynamic, interconnected, evolving story of your professional life. It is fed by your work experiences, of course. It is also fed by your non-work related experiences. You are a whole human being after all.

It harnesses lifelong learning, a growing skills bank and varied experiences which help you develop your professional life into future. It’s like your own personal career snowball!

As your career is personal and unique to you, it’s about what you want and what the world needs; the value you bring and create.  It’s not based on someone else’s opinions.  So remember, comparing blindly with others is not recommended.

Staying with the subject of other people… every career requires a mix of independence and interdependence. In other words, even though your career is unique and your responsibility, other people play a big part in your success…and you in theirs.

Career – NOT Job – NOT Careers

Your job is NOT your career. You’ll take on different jobs, roles, projects etc along the way. They are all part of the mix. Each one on its own, however, isn’t your career.

As well as liberating your thinking and promoting agility, when you have to make tough decisions in order to get through tough times, the jobs you might take temporarily still have value…if you let them of course. They don’t define you or undermine your career.

You are also more than your job title. Seeing yourself as more than a concoction of meaningless words helps you to recognise and appreciate your true value; to free yourself; to think and act beyond what you know today.

And talking of words, it’s your ‘career’ NOT ‘careers’.

No, I’m honestly not being purposefully pedantic. By recognising your career is a singular interconnected, rich, evolving beastie, it can take the pressure off and bring a whole new perspective on change

You may move paths, you may retrain, you might take a portfolio approach, have a self-employed / employed combo or have several side hustles, whatever works for you. All of it is your career…singular.

Transitioning into something new is not another career; it’s not about throwing the past away. Moving into new territory, pivoting, is about using your capabilities in new ways and in new places.

Each phase, each experience, every bit of learning contributes in some way to your ever-evolving story.

Change is a Constant

Everyone’s career involves change (planned or otherwise).  In fact, for a it to truly be a career, change has to happen.

Acknowledging change as a constant and taking a pragmatic view from the bright side about it is liberating. This is because change brings opportunities and allows you to be agile; evolving as the world around you evolves.

Career Landscape

Dynamic, rapidly changing markets and economies have been part of the career and business landscape for many years.  Technological advances, societal shifts, political turbulence all contributing to the change equation. Then we hit 2020/21. Everything shaken up like we were in a giant cosmic paper bag.

No-one had experience the like.  Everyone affected in some way or another.  The pace and impact resonated around the world.  A time of change-on-steroids.

What has, and will remain constant, is that, to state the bloomin’ obvious, is that organisations, communities, businesses, causes, value creation only exist thanks to people.  You are needed.

Plus, however trite it may sound, change creates opportunity. Change creates gaps to be filled. It causes you to re-evaluate, to pivot, to move into new, unexplored territory, to grow.

To thrive in this altered landscape; to continually bring the career success you desire, your agility and ability to evolve, have now become even more important in your career story. 

And that’s where The Innovate Approach comes in…

You can get started today by exploring the tips and ideas in my blog posts and article. Then bring your thoughts and questions to our Re-energising Your Career community. Let’s develop your career adventure together.

Always happy to discuss your career. If you have questions or want to find out more, drop me a line to arrange a call and let’s get the conversation started today.

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