Diamond Dozen: My Shining Examples

My perspective of leadership has evolved over many years; influenced by hands-on experience, research and observing others.  Yet it only dawned on me recently that what I was missing from my learning and development dialogue were the real-life Creative Enablers I know and respect.  The idea for 2016’s Diamond Dozen was born.


Welcome to My Diamond Dozen 2016

My Diamond Dozen is made of a group of people who have helped me, inspired me and made me laugh.  People who come from a variety of backgrounds, work in a range of sectors and are at varying stages of their careers.  What connects them to each other is their leadership mindset.  They are shining examples of Creative Enablers and The Diamond Effect® in action.

So let me introduce them to you.

Please click on their photos to learn more about them and access their insights…


Alan Foster  Dr Beccy Bowden  Dr Craig Barson  Jacqui Hamlin  Judith Gregory  Michael Jenkins  Pam Bennett  Dr Sarah Yarwood-Lovett  Phil Edwards  Simon Bland  Stuart Gilbert  Who is No-12


I’m excited to be blogging about my Diamond Dozen 2016; sharing a little more about them plus learning from their interesting, thought-provoking insights and tips.  From careers and leadership to business and innovation they share it all.

And who is number 12?  Please click on the image to find out more.

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