DD #3: Spotlight On Phil

…part of the Diamond Dozen 2016 series


Phil Edwards

Founder and Managing Director
Weald Technology


diamond dozenWhy is Phil one of my Diamond Dozen?

Phil and I met several years ago at a business networking event.  I remember it as if it was yesterday.  What I remember even more vividly is our later conversation over coffee… electric drag bikes.  The rest, as they say, is history.  All hail Fast Charge!  Creativity, drive for learning, understanding the importance of others and an insatiable desire to make things better, Phil is truly a Creative Enabler and my Diamond Dozen wouldn’t have been complete without him.

My description of Phil in six words…

Always innovating to inspire future generations.

bioPhil’s Bio

Phil has worked for many years in design and manufacturing roles up to board-level; predominantly in high-technology organisations. In 2005 he became a self-employed manufacturing advisor working on lean manufacturing, value-engineering and process improvement projects across all sectors.

In 2010 Phil spotted the emerging electric-vehicle sector and began a project to design an electric racing motorcycle, little knowing where it would lead to. That bike went on to set a UK record and, spurred on by its success, he is now running a project (that’s been 4 years in planning) to break the electric motorcycle world-record. In 2012 Phil founded Weald Technology to exploit the innovations and, under his leadership, the company has picked up numerous awards for engineering and innovation.

As well as a managing a number of other low-carbon transport projects Phil spends much of his time working with schools to inspire young people into taking up the STEM subjects.

tips n insightsInsights and Tips from Phil

Explore here...

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