DD #7: Spotlight on Jacqui

…part of the Diamond Dozen 2016 series


Jacqui Hamlin

Food Float


diamond dozen Why is Jacqui one of my Diamond Dozen?

One dark evening in Guildford I was… delivering a mini workshop on idea generation.  The participants were great.  Those participants included Jacqui.  Creative and overwhelmingly community focused she has brought her flair, enthusiasm and inexhaustible drive to encourage positive change in Dorking, Surrey.  Open-minded and always helping people to shine Jacqui is a true Creative Enabler and a Diamond Dozen-er on my doorstep.

My description of Jacqui in six words…

Community activist creatively bringing people together.

bioJacqui’s Bio

Jacqui has decades of experience working in IT.  Following many years at British Gas leading a fix-on-fail programming team she moved into analysis and project management at Legal and General.  In between these positions she lived in Poland; opening a school of English, where she employed 24 people on a part-time basis, teaching conversational English to schools, the military and the police. During this time she learnt to speak Polish fluently, and learnt to fly a glider!

She is a director of Food Float, a not-for-profit, community-interest-company which supports local food producers and supplies fresh food to people in and around Dorking.  She is also part of another large community project, CHiP (Community Hub in Pippbrook); he aim to retain Dorking’s beautiful old library at Pippbrook for use as a business and community hub.  Local CHiP engagement activities have included commissioning a history of the building and Pippfest (a music and arts festival attended by over 600 people).

Plans for 2016 include Dorking’s first TEDx event and an expanded Pippfest.

tips n insightsInsights and Tips from Jacqui

Explore here…

Diamond_DozenLearn more about my Diamond Dozen 2016…

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