Curious and Creative

Curious and creative…

… a philosophy for life
… my personal mantra
… the theme of this year’s Learning at Work Week.

Learning at Work Week (LAWWeek) is an initiative from the Campaign for Learning designed to encourage, champion and celebrate learning in the workplace.  This year it’s taking place between 15 and 21 May 2017.

Over the past few months I have been planning and organising my celebration of Learning at Work Week 2017.  And I am getting quite excited!

OK, so getting excited about learning is not something I find difficult but… for me this year’s LAWWeek is something extra special.  Why?  I’m going to be celebrating it with some of the cool dudes in my local business community.

The Inspiration

#1 Harnessing Creativity  Thriving in today’s world requires curiosity, adaptability and a drive to keep evolving.  Creative thinking as a process and a mindset:

  • inspires and enables open mindedness and agile productive thinking
  • improves communication skills and access to opportunities
  • adds value to the bottom line, communities and our lives
  • encourages exploration of impact beyond personal perspectives
  • builds decision-making and collaborative skills

#2 Our Extended Workplaces  Modern business models mean we don’t all work in neatly defined workplaces. Our networks and teams extend across borders, through communities and, for many, home offices are now critical hubs.  The disparate, diverse, sometimes virtual, nature of our working locations and practices, can create a distance that is not measured in miles.  Therefore, coming together to access learning is good for business… and for the soul.

The Cunning Plan

During LAWWeek I’ll be running three creative thinking masterclasses designed for and inspired by the three different, diverse groups of participants.

Profitability:  Along with my pal and fellow Dorking resident, Jacqui Hamlin, we’ll be working with 1 or 2 person enterprises in Dorking to help them harness the power of creative thinking to build and boost their businesses.

Commerciality:  Supporting a local public sector organisation, I’ll be working with a hand-picked group to help them develop and use their creative thinking skills to add value to the local economy and community.

Togetherness:  Helping a well-know tech company celebrate LAWWeek and invest in their teams, I’ll be working with a multi-functional group to help them embrace and extend their creative thinking skills to improve collaboration and communication.

The Aim

The aim of the creative thinking masterclasses is to help participants…

  • access learning which enables them harness, develop & apply creative thinking
  • explore creativity in a way they may not have done before
  • appreciate creativity is part of us all plus understand its connection to innovation, business success and collaborative working
  • gain fresh perspectives on creativity enabling them to develop it in themselves and others

What About You?

Whether you’re a one-person business or a corporate giant everyone can get involved with LAWWeek.  It’s not about having mega budgets or sophisticated infrastructures.  Ultimately, it’s about the desire to try something new, the drive to make it happen and a love of learning… plus being curious and creative of course 🙂

For more information on Learning at Work Week please visit

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