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Thanks to the power of networking I am proud to have Canon(UK) as part of my local business community network.  Having got to know the learning and development team I have always been impressed how they put people and value at the centre of their work.  With this in mind it gives me great pleasure to share insights into the mentoring elements of the team’s work.

Please let me introduce you to…


Kelly Kyle  |  People Development Adviser  |  Canon (UK) Ltd


About Canon (UK) Ltd, Kelly says…

Canon has been delivering leading edge imaging technologies to our customers for more than 80 years and we are a world leader in consumer and business imaging solutions.

Our products range from digital compact and DSLR cameras through broadcast lenses and portable X-ray machines, multifunction and production printers, all supported by a range of value added services. Our corporate philosophy, Kyosei (living and working together for the common good) is at the heart of everything we do.

About herself, Kelly says…

I am passionate about Learning & Development and supporting people with recognising their potential and supporting their development and ongoing aspirations. I love to work creatively and find innovative and engaging ways to make Learning more fun and appealing to employees. I am a lifelong learner and feel that I should lead by example and push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I enjoy learning not only business related and academic subjects but stretching my portfolio to broader topics such as psychology and in particular working with young adults. .


Mentoring Insights from Kelly


Elaine…  I know Canon invests in its employees in many ways.  Please could you tell us about your mentoring programme.

Kelly…  I currently manage the Canon UK and Ireland Mentoring Network, responsible for delivering the Mentoring Induction Workshop, designing and promoting supporting materials, matching mentors to mentees and monitoring the ongoing relationship. The programme was introduced to offer aspiring employees the support of a fellow colleague, generally someone with specialist knowledge of the role or topic in question. They offer regular support and guidance to their Mentee. We currently have over 50 active participants and this has recently been extended to Europe. I have recently joined a cohort of professionals to Mentor a Brighton University Business student.


Elaine…  Your Mentoring Network is obviously an extensive and well thought out initiative.  As an organisation, why do you offer mentoring support?

Kelly…  In an environment in which organisations must continually change to compete, mentoring provides a flexible method for an organisation to help realise its potential through developing its employees. Canon is committed to be being ‘a great place to work’ because we endeavour to build our strengths and develop our skills within the organisation. Successful mentoring partnerships will support this and allow individuals to be ‘at their best’. Utilising ‘untapped’ resource in long serving and highly experience employees we can share this knowledge and experience to aspiring employees that leave them feeling valued and invested in.


Elaine…  In your opinion, what are the benefits to mentors and mentees?

Kelly…  I would list them as follows:

The Mentee benefits:

  • Improve confidence
  • Continuity of support in an ever changing environment
  • Access to different perspectives and experience increased peer recognition.
  • Access to a broader network
  • Develop a wider view of the organisation with help in understanding and resolving organisational political issues
  • Help in developing long term career and development goals and plans
  • Encourages self-development

The Mentor benefits:

  • Improved job satisfaction because assisting in skills development
  • Pass on own experience, knowledge and skills
  • Increased peer recognition
  • Keep in touch with ‘grass roots’
  • Opportunity to influence the next generation of managers and demonstrate own commitment to the future of the organisation
  • New perspectives which challenge own assumptions
  • Improve interpersonal, listening and questioning skills
  • Personal Growth


Elaine… Please could you share a success story from within Canon (UK) which demonstrates the value of mentoring and your Mentoring Network

Kelly…  We have had a number of successful Mentoring partnerships. A recent example would be Megan Duffus was recently being Mentored by Beth Simpson (CIG Marketing Manager). Megan had expressed an interest in getting into a Marketing role. The partnership started in the usual manner with Beth and Megan setting objectives and goals, they worked together for approx. 6 months and Megan applied for a role in Marketing. She was unsuccessful on this occasion and the role was given to someone with a little more experience. With the support of her Mentor however Megan recognised the importance of moving from her current role to build on these development areas. She is now working in a coordination role and still working in a mentoring capacity with Beth. She has started exploring the route of a Marketing qualification and feels that her move into the new role is still on the path to her end objective of a role in Marketing. Their partnership whilst not as formal as it was initially, still includes regular meetings and support ongoing. Megan has recently promoted the benefits of Mentoring in one of our series of podcasts. These have been very well received by the business and has resulted in a number of recent applications to the network.


A big thank you goes to Kelly.

Learn more about Canon(UK) here


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.

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