Art meets Science

Over the past few months I have been working with Dorking community champion, Jacqui Hamlin, planning and organising our joint contribution to Mole Valley Arts Alive.  And I’m happy to announce STEAMroom will be celebrating its inaugural series in September, October and November 2017.

Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Maths

Our Inspiration

Jacqui and I are active supporters of science and arts communities and we know fresh perspectives result when art and science meet.

Scientists and artists use creativity to express themselves; to innovate; to change the world. STEAMroom unites local artists and eminent scientists to explore cutting-edge research while translating it into unique works of art.

The Cunning Plan

STEAMroom is interactive, informal and designed to spark cool conversations and fresh perspectives.

At each STEAMroom a speaker will…
+ Share key scientific principles at the heart of their research
+ Share insights into their research
+ Take part in a question and answer segment

During each STEAMroom artists will be able to…
+ Create artistic interpretations of scientific insights
+ Express their thoughts through their art
+ Contribute to a tangible artefact of the event

Artists Come and Join Us

Whether you’re an amateur or professional artist it would be great to see you at one of our STEAMrooms. For more information and booking please visit…

Watch out Dorking here we come 🙂

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