Experiments: More Than a Lab Thing

I love the TED talk by Beau Lotto and Amy O’Toole.  Beau’s comments about scientists embracing uncertainty and being willing to experiment are very close to my heart.

My belief in the power of experiments comes from a place much deeper than my chemistry education and experience.  For me it’s part of the creative process; it’s at the heart of innovation; it enables us to learn and develop.

This is because it’s a key aspect of generating, blueprinting and testing ideas. Trying new approaches and evolving them are essential to bringing progress and making an impact.

Plus when the poo hits the fan we need to be prepared to try something new; even if there’s uncertainty abound.

We don’t have to be scientists to try something new.  We don’t need a white lab coat to change the way you we things.  We human beings are a resourceful lot.  I believe we all have it in us to do a bit more experimenting and to take more mini adventures into the unknown.

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