It Starts With You

Whilst curating resources for my series of blog posts on Creating Portable Personal Power (more about that in early February), I decided to turn on BBC Radio 2.  A few moments in and on came the Pause For Thought by Abdul-Rehman Malik.  What he said had a spooky connection to what I’m working on.

He spoke succinctly and engagingly about how…

“becoming better versions of ourselves makes us better able to navigate the challenges thrown at us”

Wise words.

Plus he shared a quote by poet Mian Muhammad Bahksh which I would like to share with you too…

“Don’t watch the roses from far away fearful of the thorns. Unless you are able to endure being pricked you won’t be able to fill your basket with the most fragrant flowers.”

I know at times we can all find reasons not to change or try something new.  I’ve done it myself.  Fear of failure; feeling foolish; scared of success?  In reality, becoming stronger, more confident and more resilient doesn’t happen if we sit on the sidelines imagining how terrible everything might be.  They come from moving into action and giving things a try.

Thanks Abdul-Rehman and Mian Muhammad for putting it so powerfully 🙂

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