REAL Science

Our STEAMroom experiment in 2017 was a great success on many levels… and a lot of fun.  The montages we produced focused on the art, now it’s time to celebrate the scientists who took centre stage.

Firstly, a quick recap.  Each STEAMroom brought a scientist from the University of Surrey together with a group of up to 20 artists.  Scientist shared fundamental science principles plus insights into their research and its applications.  Questions were free-flowing and discussions lively.  No audio visual equipment was allowed.  Props were welcome.  The artists produced their work real time while the scientists spoke.

Our three STEAMroom superstars were…

What they all achieved was masterclass in public engagement.  And for that I salute them!

From semiconductors to quantum mechanics to biofuels, each one inspired the artists enabling them to connect and create their works of art.  They made their science REAL because they…

Related science to our lives today and tomorrow

Excited our imaginations and creativity

Accepted questions and queries with warmth

Left us inspired and wanting more

Thank you again to Radu, Steve and Elizabeth.  You rock!

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