Unexpected Inspiration

While out and about a few days ago I walked past a mother and son.  He was probably about four years old.

On passing them I heard him ask confidently…  “Do the bees like to smell the flowers?”

I smiled to myself; a multitude of thoughts running through my mind.

What a fantastic question!

I resisted the urge to ask the great internet-o-sphere the same thing and continued on my way.

As I walked I began to realise that it wasn’t the need for the answer that had set my mind racing.  It was the fact he’d asked the question in the first place.

And why wouldn’t he?  He’s an explorer; learning and finding new things in his exciting new world.  Curiosity rules; being playful is allowed; asking questions is expected and feels natural.

His fresh view and open mind meant he…

asked a question about something which others may not have noticed or thought about before

questioned something which others might ignore or assume to be obvious

wasn’t afraid of asking the question; being judged for not knowing just wasn’t a concern

The young boy’s curiosity was infectious.  One straight-talking unrestrained question heard in passing certainly got my creative juices flowing.

Being more open-minded and seeing the world from a fresh perspective benefits us all.  Being curious and ready to ask questions helps us innovate and challenge the status quo.

Mmm, I wonder… do the bees like to smell the flowers?…

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