SATRO Awards 2018

Not long now until the SATRO Awards 2018 and I can’t wait!

I’ll be there on 26 September joining in this celebration of the South East’s amazing STEM talent.

There will be students and apprentices; businesses and educators all showcasing their commitment and enthusiasm for all things science, technology, engineering and maths related.  Which let’s face it is pretty much everything as STEM is everywhere and awesome 🙂

You see, the work done by our STEM-superstars around the world bring us progress, growth and hope.  They help economies and societies grow and thrive.

For the UK, engineering and science industries are a vital element of the overall economy.  And skills shortages in STEM sectors are considered to represent a real threat to the UK’s capacity for growth.

According to government statistics, the engineering profession needs 203,000 skilled recruits each year to 2024.

This is why I wholeheartedly support and champion the work done by SATRO.  Inspiring and empowering our next generation of STEM-superstars is a national and global imperative.

And the SATRO Awards are part of a programme of wonderful work carried out by the team and their brilliant volunteers.

This year’s Awards are for…

  • Inspirational Organisation Working with Education
  • Outstanding STEM Apprentice
  • Outstanding STEM Work Placement Student
  • Outstanding Mobile Classroom Student
  • Inspirational Volunteer – One Day Events and Cross School Challenge
  • Inspirational Volunteer – Mentor

And the winners are…????

I’m really looking forward to another uplifting and inspiring event.

Oh, yes, I’ll be compering again too…watch out Woking here we come!

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