Bee Inspired… Again!

We’ve had special visitors in the garden again this year.

Yes, our ivy bees have been in full swing.

Watching them with my husband over the weekend, it made me think about change and the impact it can have.

Change often leads to uncertainty

When the bees first appeared a few years ago we were unsure, slightly annoyed (right in the vegetable patch!) and hesitant around them.  Well, a few hundred buzzing things flying around do that to you!

Understand change rather than making assumptions

As curious types, rather than going into exterminate mode, we did a bit of research and found out what they were; we wanted to understand more about them and what was happening.

Change brings learning

What we found out was fascinating. We learnt more about their behaviour, their lifecycle and the fact they first recorded in Britain in 2001.

We are now proud to have our ivy bee colony and look forward to seeing them again next year.

If you’d like to learn more about ivy bees please click here…

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