Feeding Your Creativity

It’s no secret that creativity is a subject close to my heart so I enjoyed Tim Harford’s TED Talk, A Powerful Way To Unleash Your Natural Creativity (see video below).

In it he explores the art and power of slow motion multi-tasking.  Cross-training your mind, over time, to help spark those eureka moments.

Scientists making breakthroughs, artists pushing boundaries by moving between different subjects and different media.  Immersing themselves with a deep dive into new areas and then back again.

Tim may use big-hitters from across the centuries as examples but slow motion multi-tasking is something we can all benefit from; in our own way.

In order to harness it’s power, I think there are 4 things to remember…

  1. It’s not about something other-worldly.  In fact, you might already be doing it!
  2. It’s about exploring something new over a period of time; there are no quick fixes.  That’s where the power comes from
  3. Whatever avenues you explore, you must be interested and curious.  This means you are more likely to be compelled to keep learning and coming back over time
  4. Don’t make the distinction between work and ‘play’.  All experiences feed your creativity if you let them

Obviously everyone is different, so how you use slow motion multi-tasking and make it work for you is very personal and will vary.  Here are a couple of my own recent examples…

A deep dive into e-learning:  Designing and creating e-learning challenged me on many levels, personally and professionally.  New media; new methods. led to a new product, new skills and fresh perspectives

Releasing my inner artist:  I’m currently developing my artistic skills.  The world of visual art, and the media available for that artistic expression, fascinate me.  Plus it’s good for my soul and my cunning plans 🙂

As promised, here’s Tim’s TED talk, I hope you enjoy it too…

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