This Week in Pictures

Inspired by a recent pictorial challenge set me by the lovely Dr Julie Reeves at the Uni of Southampton, I decided to try something different on the blogging front.  Well, different for me.  Nothing revolutionary, so don’t get too excited.

Welcome to the first attempt, sorry I mean edition, of this week in pictures…

Enjoyed keeping in touch with business buddies using Twitter. Who knew!?

Homeworking companions for many people seem to include lots of furry friends. Confess I’m a low maintenance pet kind of gal.

Was reminded again of how lucky I am to have countryside just round the corner.

Decided to do some filing.  Can confirm that my stationery addiction is much worse than I thought.

Found an old workshop playlist and highlights.  Still love getting the coloured pens out.  No stuffy agendas here thank you very much.

Had lots of uplifting and thoughtful conversations.  Special thanks to Beccy, Bob, Julie, Maggie, Simon and Vicky.  I’ll leave you to decide which character you are 🙂

I wonder what next week will bring?  Take care everyone.


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