Back To Basics: The Spark

I hold my hands up, I’ve been a bit stuck.  Being kind to myself, and given the current circumstances, this is quite understandable.  Yet, it was still frustrating the hell out of me!

Then, as often happens, the spark of inspiration came.  Not from a worthy tome or a thoughtful suggestion; from a chance encounter at a distance.

While out on my daily exercise slot last week, I heard two people shouting.  An adult, and a toddler on a bike.  He had perfectly positioned himself behind a bush; she was calling out because she had just lost sight of him.

Having spotted him I called to her and pointed.  We exchanged a few words across our two metres and the pair was reunited.  As I turned away I heard the little boy say matter-of-factly to his chaperone, “you know, you shouldn’t talk to strangers!”

In that moment of humanness and simplicity, I realised that my way forward in these strange times is to go back to basics.  To take a fresh perspective, re-group and formulate my new cunning plan.

In that moment of normality and logic, I remembered that I am creative, proactive and experienced at adapting.  Even though the ground rules may have changed, I’m still willing and able to evolve personally and professionally.

When everything feels like it’s been thrown up in the air; when normal goes out of the window, we all have different ways of dealing with it.  Going back to basics is where it needs to begin for me so that’s where I’m about to go.

PS…Please watch this space for part 2, ‘Back To Basics: The Plan’ 😉

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