Fresh Perspective on Interviews

Interview tips are aplenty. Hints on possible questions, horror stories and what to wear are only ever a few key strikes away.

So why the heck am I blogging about interviews? Isn’t there enough of that stuff around already?

Well, first of all this is not another ‘how to’ list. It’s the metaphorical scratching of a long-term personal itch. Writing this blog post has been on my mind for quite some time.

Interviews are obviously part of the employment process. Pitches are part of winning new business. Conversations are part of relationship building.

Unlike conversations and pitches, interviews are positioned as these huge infrequent interactions. Ones which happen sporadically through your life. Getting a new job; getting the promotion.

Every Day. Everywhere

In reality, smaller discrete interviews are taking place all the time. When you’re interacting with others online, virtually or face-to-face. When you are sharing ideas or making new connections.

Being ready for these smaller interviews is not about sweating over a glaring screen to remember which type of vegetable is most like you. It’s about staying open-minded and keen to learn; actively listening and respecting others. It’s about making a positive account of yourself a way of life… despite the fact it’s sometimes pants!

By seeing your life as full of a multitude of mini interviews it takes the pressure and fear out of the formalised ones. After all, you’re doing it all the time so why should this one worry you?

Plus it means you are more opportunity ready.

This matters because the next step on your career adventure may not be advertised on a jobs board. It may come from a conversation in the supermarket queue. Had at a safe distance of course 🙂

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