Trying Too Hard

Sitting in front of my notebook – then my computer screen – then walking in the fresh air – the inspiration for a blog post was most definitely eluding me.

Blogging guru, Seth Godin, is known for saying that if you can speak you can write. He’s not one for believing in writer’s block.

Well, I can honestly say, something was blocking my flow.

I know I’ve got plenty to say (no surprise there, I’m sure!) and it’s fair to say I’m not short of ideas. This, however, did not help me. Actually, it seemed to make me even more frustrated about the writing not happening.

What to do?

And there in lay the answer. It was time to do nothing. Forget the *?!*ing blog post. Leave it alone and stop trying so hard.

This morning as I was looking through some of my husband’s photos of the garden I remembered the one I’m using in this post. I love it for so many reasons. Who knew teasel grew so tall!!

And that’s where this blog post began.

Because you see, sometimes you need to…

… let go for a mo to find your flow

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